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this little sheep's travel journal

Updated: May 26, 2019

Journeying through... ah, what a view!

We march through fields of gold.

Nearest our King who leads His few

Obeying the Word He's told.

Through valleys, through shadows, through death we tread

Where darkest lions prey.

Here, Shepherd instructs us in urgent love,

"Beloved, stray not away."

His staff ensures us comfort and rest,

His rod brings strength nor else found.

"Stay close. Fear not, my little flock."

Passing Jericho tumbling down.

"Onward, forward!" We clench His robe.

"Be strong and help those least!"

"Stand witness to passing wayward foes,"

"Invite them home to feast!"

Praise Father. Praise Son. Praise Holy Ghost!

Yes, lead us to Promised Land.

Today is the day we rejoice and believe,

Because with You, you've promised WE CAN!

(Victoria Anderson)

© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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