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He's Risen! He's Risen!

Updated: May 26, 2019

Majestic, Exalted, Supreme, and Divine;

My King, yes my King, all glory is Thine!

O Zion, arise! Make way for the One;

Our Savior is risen! Messiah has come!

The chains have been broken; oppression removed;

For Jesus, yes Jesus, His power is now proved!

At Calvary's Cross, came my greatest delight;

Forever, Eternal, my Day Spring, my Light!

The tomb has been emptied. The rock rolled aside;

The heaven's rejoice, cause in Him I abide!

So sound every trumpet, rejoice and give praise;

Both justice and mercy are found in His Ways!

See, death could not bind Him. Sin could not endure;

Believe Him, believe Him, and find yourself pure!

Forgiven as far as the East is to West;

Renewed as His bride and made whole as His blessed!

O Holy, yes Holy, for the Lamb that was slain;

O Glory, dear Glory, He's returned now to reign!

My words cannot showcase the depths of His care;

My heart stops astounded. My mind can't compare.

He lives! He fulfills! He frees! He restores!

Almighty is Jesus! All peace, love, and more!

The battle is over. The war has been won!

He's Risen! He's Risen! A New Life has come!

Happy Easter Weekend!


© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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