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Early this morning, I decided to read some of the headline stories outside of our local Houston news. Quickly I realized that nothing much has changed in the world outside of hurricane Harvey. People are still behaving mean, angry, defensive, hurt.

So today, as me and my community continue to help one another get back on our feet, I thought I would step outside my comfort zone to formally ask the politicians, the news media, the business leaders, and the network executives to please stop reporting against one another. Stop telling us that headline "news" should be about who twittered something first. Or who won the last argument according to so-n-so. This is not news that helps anyone. This is not news that matters. Stop pointing and judging and arguing with the hopes of dethroning, destroying, and shutting anyone down. I can personally attest... we have lost enough. Haven't we?

Instead, let me suggest that you choose today to do good... that you report and support what builds each of us up as a nation. That you decide, despite our differing opinions and wonderfully eclectic diversity of talent, that name calling is simply not ok. That we are not at war with each other, but rather simply in disagreement on some issues but always working toward solutions together. How about making our news, our politics, our business, our airway-coverage focused on choosing to behave in love... always! Even if your so-called foe does not behave the same. Even if you have to take a hit, or two... or twelve... before the other side actually believes your commitment to simply care first about one another.

You are responsible for your words and behavior. You are the only person you can control and change. So today, I'd like to ask each of you to choose to act presidential and extend grace to one another. To govern yourself to be kind first, deciding to do all things in love. If you don't have anything uplifting to say, really... hold your tongue and start counting all the blessings and freedoms we share in this gorgeous country. We are so richly blessed. We are wonderfully talented. We have the capacity to give so much to one another and to grow stronger and healthier together. But twitter wars and destructive headlines won't get us there, friends. So, please... be the change. You control you. Elevate and live in the gratitude that we can stand united. And if you need some actual news to report... if you are looking for places to govern and help others... feel free to contact me. I have so many examples of love and leadership occurring before me this week... too many to count. God bless my sweet America. Land that I truly do love!!!

God Bless!!!

Victoria Anderson

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